Installations 2018-19

Date                Lodge No.                                        Tyle            Heading Deputation

September 2018

Tues 11th        Meridian No. 1779                          1.00pm        Bill Perry (NC team)

October  2018   
Sat      6th         Hamilton No 233                           4.00pm       Alexander Kelly
Fri     12th         St Mary Coltness No. 31               6.30pm       Angus Ross
Fri     26th         Blantyre Kilwinning No. 557          6.30pm      Norman Carnegy
Sat     27th       St. Clair No. 427                            2.00pm       Angus Ross

November 2018
Sat      3rd        Livingstone, Stonefield No. 599     4.30pm        Norman Carnegy
Sat      3rd        Heatheryknowe No. 1461              4.00pm        Stephen Campbell
Sat     10th       Major Ness No. 948                        5.00pm       Norman Carnegy
Fri     16th        Old Monkland St. James No. 177   7.00pm      Bill Perry (ADM team)
Fri     16th        Kirkhill No. 1230                             6.45pm       Norman Carnegy
Sat     17th        Garrowhill No. 1413                      4.00pm       Stephen Campbell
Mon   19th       St. Andrew Military No. 668           7.00pm       Alexander Kelly
Fri      23rd       Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573    6.30pm       Angus Ross
Mon   19th       St. Andrew Military No. 668           7.00pm       Alexander Kelly
Fri      23rd       Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573    6.30pm       Angus Ross
Sat      24th      St. Andrew No. 215                       5.00pm      Alexander Kelly
Sat      24th      St. Bryde No. 579                          4.00pm        Stephen Campbell   **
Sat      24th      Dura No. 1513                               2.30pm       Angus Ross
Wed   28th      Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7              6.45pm       Alexander Kelly
Fri      30th      New Monkland Montrose No. 88    6.30pm       Andrew Millar **

December 2018
Sat      1st        Coltswood No. 1067                       4.00pm        Andrew Millar
Sat      1st        Murdostoun Castle No. 1096          5.30pm       Angus Ross
Sat      1st        St. Enoch No. 1288                        4.00pm         Bill Perry (SC team)
Fri      7th        Robert King Stewart No. 919           6.00pm         Angus Ross
Fri      7th        Buchanan No. 1499                         6.30pm         Norman Carnegy
Sat      8th        Clydesdale No. 551                         5.00pm        Alexander Kelly
Sat      8th        Caldercruix St. John No. 1314        4.00pm        Andrew Millar
Thu    13th      Woodhall St. John No. 305               6.45pm        Stephen Campbell
Fri     14th       St. John Shotts No. 471                    7.00pm        Norman Carnegy (AR team)
Fri     14th        St. Andrew Coatbridge No. 544       6.45pm       Andrew Millar
Fri     14th       Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228      6.30pm      Angus Ross
Sat     15th       Robert Burns No. 440                      4.00pm       Stephen Campbell
Sat     15th       Whifflet St. John No. 963                 4.00pm       Andrew Millar
Wed   19th      Airdrie St. John No. 166                    6.30pm      Andrew Millar
Fri      21st       Cambuslang Royal Arch No. 114     7.00pm       Norman Carnegy
Sat     22nd      St. Thomas No. 306                          5.00pm      Alexander Kelly
Thu    27th      Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203   5.00pm      Andrew Millar

January 2019
Sat    12th        Bothwell Brig No. 1229                  4.15pm   Alexander Kelly
Sat    19th        Larchgrove No. 1518                     4.30pm     Stephen Campbell
Sat    26th        Burns Immortal No. 1730               3.00pm    Alexander Kelly

February 2019
Sat    16th         Avon No. 1231                               4.30pm      Stephen Campbell   (2019 team)

March 2019
Tue     5th        Griffin No. 1254                              7.00pm     Norman Carnegy   (2019 team)
Sat     30th       Fleur de Lys No. 1722                    2.30pm     Angus Ross           (2019 team)

(** please note change of date)

 Installations 2017-18
Lodge                                        Time            Team Leader
September 2017
Tue 12th    Meridian No. 1779                     1.00pm       Stephen Campbell
Sat 30th     Hamilton No 233                       4.00pm       Angus Ross

October 2017
Fri 13th      St Mary Coltness No. 31             6.30pm      Andrew D. Millar
Fri 27th      Blantyre Kilwinning No. 557        6.30pm      Stephen Campbell
Sat 28th     St. Clair No. 427                          2.00pm     Andrew D. Millar

November 2017
Sat 4th        Livingstone, Stonefield No. 599      4.30pm     Stephen Campbell
Sat 4th        Heatheryknowe No. 1461               4.00pm     Alexander Kelly
Sat 11th      Major Ness No. 948                        5.00pm       Stephen Campbell
Fri 17th       Old Monkland St. James No. 177  7.00pm      Norman Carnegy
Fri 17th       Kirkhill No. 1230                             6.45pm     Stephen Campbell
Sat 18th      Garrowhill No. 1413                       4.00pm     Alexander Kelly
Mon 20th     St. Andrew Military No. 668           7.00pm       Angus Ross
Wed 22nd   Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7              6.45pm    Angus Ross
Fri 24th      Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573      6.30pm    Andrew D. Millar
Sat 25th     New Monkland Montrose No. 88     3.00pm     Norman Carnegy
Sat 25th     St. Andrew No. 215                         5.00pm    Angus Ross
Sat 25th     St. Bryde No. 579                           4.00pm    Alexander Kelly
Sat 25th     Dura No. 1513                                2.30pm    Andrew D. Millar

December 2017
Fri 1st        Robert King Stewart No. 919             6.00pm    Andrew D. Millar
Fri 1st        Buchanan No. 1499                           6.30pm     Stephen Campbell
Sat 2nd      Coltswood No. 1067                          4.00pm    Norman Carnegy
Sat 2nd      Murdostoun Castle No. 1096             5.30pm    Andrew D. Millar
Sat 2nd      St. Enoch No. 1288                           4.00pm     Alexander Kelly
Fri 8th        St. John Shotts No. 471                    7.00pm     Alexander Kelly (ADM Team)
Fri 8th        St. Andrew Coatbridge No. 544        6.45pm     Norman Carnegy
Fri 8th        Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228      6.30pm   Andrew D. Millar
Sat 9th       Clydesdale No. 551                           5.00pm   Angus Ross
Sat 9th       Caldercruix St. John No. 1314          4.00pm   Norman Carnegy
Thu 14th     Woodhall St. John No. 305              6.45pm   Alexander Kelly
Fri 15th       Cambuslang Royal Arch No. 114    7.00pm   Stephen Campbell
Fri 15th       Airdrie St. John No. 166                  6.30pm    Norman Carnegy
Sat 16th      Robert Burns No. 440                     4.00pm     Alexander Kelly
Sat 16th      Whifflet St. John No. 963                4.00pm  Norman Carnegy
Sat 23rd      St. Thomas No. 306                        5.00pm     Angus Ross
Wed 27th    Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203 4.00pm   Norman Carnegy

January 2018
Sat 13th        Bothwell Brig No. 1229                 4.15pm   Angus Ross
Sat 20th        Larchgrove No. 1518                    4.30pm   Alexander Kelly
Sat 27th        Burns Immortal No. 1730              3.00pm   Angus Ross

February 2018
Sat 17th        Avon No. 1231                                4.30pm  Alexander Kelly (2018 team)

March 2018
Tue 6th        Griffin No. 1254                              7.00pm   Stephen Campbell (2018 team)
Sat 31st        Fleur de Lys No. 1722                   2.30pm   Andrew D. Millar (2018 team)

(** Note changes of Dates – please check dates and starting times with Lodge Secretary)


Installations 2016-17
September 2016

Tues 13th     Meridian No. 1779                                 Angus Ross (AK Team)

October 2016
Sat 8th        Hamilton No 233                                    Andrew D. Millar (WP) (Note: Changed from Wed 5th)
Fri 14th       St Mary Coltness No. 31                        Norman Carnegy
Fri 28th       Blantyre Kilwinning No. 557                   Alexander Kelly
Sat 29th      St. Clair No. 427                                     Norman Carnegy (Note: 2pm Start)

November 2016
Sat 5th         Livingstone, Stonefield No. 599          Alexander Kelly
Sat 5th         Heatheryknowe No. 1461                   Angus Ross (WP)
Sat 12th       Major Ness No. 948                           Alexander Kelly (WP)
Fri 18th       Old Monkland St. James No. 177       Stephen Campbell
Fri 18th       Kirkhill No. 1230                                 Alexander Kelly
Sat 19th      Garrowhill No. 1413                           Angus Ross (WP)
Mon 21st     St. Andrew Military No. 668                Andrew D. Millar
Wed 23rd    Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7                  Andrew D. Millar (WP)
Fri 25th       Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573         Norman Carnegy (WP)
Sat 26th      New Monkland Montrose No. 88        Stephen Campbell
Sat 26th      St. Andrew No. 215                            Andrew D. Millar
Sat 26th      St. Bryde No. 579                               Angus Ross (WP)
Sat 26th      Dura No. 1513                                    Norman Carnegy

December 2016
Fri 2nd        Robert King Stewart No. 919                  Norman Carnegy
Fri 2nd        Buchanan No. 1499                               Alexander Kelly (WP)
Sat 3rd        Coltswood No. 1067                              Andrew D. Millar (SC team)
Sat 3rd        Murdostoun Castle No. 1096                  Norman Carnegy
Sat 3rd        St. Enoch No. 1288                                Angus Ross (WP)
Thu 8th       Woodhall St. John No. 305                     Angus Ross (WP)
Fri 9th         St. John Shotts No. 471                         Norman Carnegy (WP)
Fri  9th        St. Andrew Coatbridge No. 544             Stephen Campbell
Fri 9th         Motherwell Caledonian No. 1228          Alexander Kelly (N.C. team)
Sat 10th      Robert Burns No. 440                            Angus Ross (WP)
Sat 10th      Clydesdale No. 551                               Andrew D. Millar
Sat 10th      Caldercruix St. John No. 1314              Stephen Campbell
Fri 16th       Cambuslang Royal Arch No. 114          Alexander Kelly (WP)
Fri 16th       Airdrie St. John No. 166                        Stephen Campbell
Sat 17th      St. Thomas No. 306                              Andrew D. Millar (WP)
Sat 17th      Whifflet St. John No. 963                       Stephen Campbell
Tue 27th      Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203      Stephen Campbell (WP)

January 2017
Sat 14th      Bothwell Brig No. 1229                          Andrew D. Millar (WP)
Sat 28th      Burns Immortal No. 1730                       Andrew D. Millar

February 2017
Sat 4th      Larchgrove No. 1518                               Angus Ross (WP) (Note: Changed from Wed 21st Jan)
Sat 18th      Avon No. 1231                                      Angus Ross (2017 team) (WP)

March 2017
Tue 7th        Griffin No. 1254                                   Alex Kelly (2017 team) (WP)
Sat 25th       Fleur de Lys No. 1722                        Andrew D. Millar (2017 NC team)

** Note change to date – please check dates and starting times with Lodge Secretary

Updated 28th August 2016