News 2019

Friday 15th March 2019 – Lodge Major Ness No. 948 – Charity Cheque Presentation

RWM Bro. Billy Gillan accompanied by Past Masters and members of Lodge Major Ness No. 948 attended The Haven, Blantyre, attendees included Past Masters Andrew Buchanan, George Kelly & David Stark BEM, Robert McLaughlin and Vic Goldie wherr they were given a guided tour of their premises by Fundraising Manager Lyndsay Fox.
The work The Haven do is invaluable to their many clients who are coming to terms with life limiting conditions such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease .
They gladly presented a cheque for £865 on behalf of Lodge, the money was raised at a recent Race Night the Lodge ran in Udston Bowling Club, the total money raised was £1730 which will be equally donated between The Haven and Multiple Sclerosis Scotland.

Great work Brethern and congratulations for all the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Wednesday 13th March 2019 – Lodge St. Clair No. 427 50yr Diploma Presentation

SPGM Bro. Alex Kelly and large deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge attended the Annual Visit to Lodge St. Clair No. 427, following the exemplification of the Fellow Craft degree by the Lodge Office Bearers Bro. William Pattison PM was presented with his 50yr diploma and jewel, Bro. William’s Mother Lodge was Lodge Major Ness and he affiliated to Lodge St. Clair when he moved to the area previously, a large number of Major Ness Brethern were in attendance and pictured with SPGM below, following the meeting they joined in some hospitality.

Sunday 10th March 2019 – Annual Divine Service of Lodge Lodge Kirkhill No. 1230 and Cambuslang Royal Arch Lodge No. 114

The joint Annual Divine Service was held on Sunday 10th March at Cambuslang Parish Church.

The Service once again being conducted by Rev. Leslie Milton.

The RWM’s of 1230 and 114, Bro. Gordon Cassels and Bro. Tom Buchanan, read the lessons with Bro. Jim Ferguson and Bro. Robbie Robertson singing solo’s.

The Brethren enjoyed the Service and Sermon and at the conclusion, retired for some hospitality provided by the Lodges.

This was Rev. Miltons’ final Divine Service before his move to St. Andrews Church in Musselburgh. We wish him well in his new Charge.

Tuesday 6th March 2019 – Lodge Griffin Gartcosh No. 1254 Annual Installation

Bro. Norman Carnegy SPGM accompanied by the PGL Chaplains Bro. James Ferguson and Bro. James Vasey, headed a large deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge to the Installation of Bro. Reg Sutherland. The Installation Ceremonial was carried out in a fine manner, Bro. Ronnie Palmer (PM 571) Installed the Master while the Office Bearers were Installed by Bro. William Gow (PM 219). The evening was very well attended and after the ceremony the Brethren retired to enjoy a hearty Fish Supper followed by the Traditional Toasts.

William Gow PM (219), Norman Carnegy SPGM, Reg Sutherland RWM and Ronnie Palmer PM (571).

Wednesday 6th March 2019 – Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166 – Annual Charity Cheque Presentations

Bro. Bill Perry PGM visited Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166 and was made most welcome by Bro. Bobby McCormick RWM and the Brethren of the Lodge where an excellent Fellow Craft Degree was conferred by RWM Bro. Ian Grant and the Office Bearers of Lodge Old Monkland St. James No. 177.

Following the close of the Meeting, the Brethren accompanied by Bro. Perry retired to the lounge for some Lodge harmony, the evening was further enhanced where representatives of various charities were presented with cheques for their organisations, these cheques were  presented as part of the 2019 Charity Giving of the Lodge, the following were recipients: –

Guide Dogs Scotland
St Andrews Hospice
Lanarkshire Cancer Care
Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charit
MND Scotland
Macmillan Cancer Support
Parkinson’s Self-help Group
Meningitis Research Foundation
Maggie’s Lanarkshire
The Moira Anderson Foundation

All of the well deserving charities received cheques for £300 each (A total of £3,300). Each representative then gave an update on the work of their respective organisations and in turn thanked the Lodge for their generous donations and hospitality.

It was also noted that since the presentation had been introduced in the year 2000 the Lodge had presented in excess of £55,000 in funds to non Masonic Charities. The RWM Bro. Robert McCormick thanked the representatives for their attendance and their ongoing work in their own field. Well done to the Brethren for this fantastic charity work not just now but on all the previous years also.

Friday 1st March 2019 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward Annual Installation of Office Bearers

The Installation of Office Bearers of the PGL of Lanarkshire Middle Ward was held in the premises of Cambuslang Royal Arch Lodge No. 114, Tabernacle Lane, on Friday 1st March, with 167 Brethren being present.
The large Deputation from our Sister PGL’s was led by Bro. James Forrest, RWPGM of Dunbartonshire.

The Installation was carried out to the highest of standards by Bro. Stephen Campbell SPGM, Bro. Gordon McCaffer PG Treasurer and Bro. Jim Lees PWSPGW.

The PGM Bro. Bill Perry, together with the DPGM Bro. Andrew Millar, then presented Bro. William Lang, the outgoing WSPGW with a set of regalia, jewel and certificate as a mark of esteem, from the Brethren of PGL and to thank him for the 21 years service to the Province.
Bro. Lang suitably replied.

Bro. James Forrest who was called upon to say a few words, congratulated everyone involved in the Ceremony with a special mention to Bro. Lang.
The Brethren then retired and enjoyed a supper and some PGL hospitality

The PGM and heads of Deputations

Friday 1st March 2019 – Lodge Woodhall St John’s No 305 – Charitable Giving to Parkinson’s UK Scotland

Thanks to the efforts of Bro David Yule PM of Lodge Woodhall St John’s No 305 and the monies collected in the 305 Charity Bottlle , the sum of £800 will be given to Parkinson’s (UK) Scotland.

David ran a “ guess the date” competition with the prize being a gallon bottle of whisky. The lucky winner, drawn by SPGM Norman Carnegy at the recent PGL visit was Bro Tom McCrone PM of Lodge Griffin Gartcosh No 1254.We have been asked to convey Congratulations to Bro McCrone and a big thank you to all the Brethren, from within and

outwith the Province, for their generous donations.

Well done to Bro David Yule PM for all his efforts in collecting such a fantastic amount of money for a worthy cause.

Well done from all at Provincial Grand Lodge for this great fundraising effort and charitable giving.

Saturday 23rd February 2019 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire Annual Installation of Office Bearers

The Installation of Office Bearers of the PGL of Stirlingshire was held on Saturday 23rd February in Falkirk.

PGM Bro. Alistair Marshall and his Brethren made us most welcome.

The Installation was a great success and we congratulate all on their promotions.

PGL were represented by Bill Perry PGM, Alex Kelly SPGM, Willie Craig PG Sec and Tom McCrone PDoC.

Friday 22nd February 2019 – PGL of Dumfriesshire Installation of Office Bearers
Installation On Friday 22nd February, the PGL of Dumfriesshire, held their Installation of Office Bearers at the Assembly Rooms Dumfries.
PGM Bro. Robert Hughes gave a warm welcome to the many visitors present.
Bro. Bill Perry PGM and Bro. Norman Carnegy SPGM were in attendance.
Friday 22nd February 2019 – Lodge St. John Shotts No. 471 Annual Installation
Bro. Angus Ross SPGM attended the Annual Installation of Lodge No. St. John Shotts No. 471 Installation where Bro. Robert Whitefield RWM was installed by Bro. Jack Alexander RWIM, this was the sixth time RWM Robert has served as Right Worshipful Master of the Lodge.
Following the Installation Ceremony the Deputation joined the Brethren of the Lodge at the festive board and harmony to round off an excellent evening.

Bro. Jack Alexander RWIM, Bro. Robert Whitefield RWM &Bro. Angus Ross SPGM

Tuesday 20th February 2019 – Lodge Clydesdale No. 551 Jubilee Presentation

On Tuesday 19th February, the RWM of Lodge Clydesdale No. 551, Bro. Colin Crookston welcomed Lodge Blantyre Kilwinning No. 557 to their Regular Meeting to confer the F.C. Degree.The RWM of 557, Bro. Andrew Faichney and the Office Bearers of the Lodge conferred the Ceremonial in an excellent fashion.Also in attendance was PGM Bro. Bill Perry, SPGM Bro. Angus Ross and Provincial Grand Secretary Bro. Willie Craig.

 It was also a special night for for Bro. Bill Bennie PM who received his Jubilee Certificate from the RWM and the PGM. His good friend, Bro. William Whip PM gave the Brethren a comprehensive account of Bro. Bennie’s Service to the Lodge, after which Bro. Bennie suitability replied.

 The Brethren then retired and enjoyed excellent 551 hospitality.

Bro. Willie Craig PGSec, Bro. William Whip PM, Bro. Andrew Faichney RWM 557, Bro. Bill Bennie PM, Bro. Colin Crookston RWM 551; Bro. Bill Perry PGM, Bro. Angus Ross SPGM

Saturday 16th February 2019 – Avon Glassford No. 1231 Annual Installation
SPGM Bro Stephen Campbell headed the Provincial Deputation to the Installation of Lodge Avon (Glassford) 1231.
The RWM, Bro Charles Creek PM, was Installed by Bro Tom Feeney PM 306 while the Lodge Office Bearers were Installed by PM Bro William Cowie PM 244.
Following the Installation Ceremony the Deputation joined the Brethren of the Lodge at the festive board and harmony to round off an excellent evening.

Bro. Tom Feeney PM 306 RWIM, Bro Charles Creek RWM, Bro William Cowie PM 244 RWIM &Bro. Stephen Campbell SPGM

Wednesday 13th February 2019 – Lodge St. Clair No. 427 Long Service Presentations

Bro. Alex Kelly SPGM and Bro. WIlliam Craig PG. Sect attended the regular meeting of the Lodge to formally present a 50 & 60 Year Diplomas & Medals to Bro Frank Lewis & Bro James Dyer, congratulations to both Brothers on this long service to the Craft.

Bro. WIlliam Craig PG. Sect, Bro. Frank Lewis (50yrs),  RWM Bro. Stuart Maxwell, Bro James Dyer (60yrs), &  Bro. Alex Kelly SPGM

Saturday 9th February 2019 – Congratulations to Cambuslang Royal Arch Lodge No. 114
250th Anniversary Celebration (1769 – 2019)

On Saturday 9th February, Provincial Grand Lodge attended the 250th Anniversary Celebrations of Cambuslang Royal Arch Lodge No. 114, held in their Temple, Tabernacle Lane.

RWM Bro. Tom Buchanan extended a very warm welcome to the PGM and the Deputation from PGL.

The Ceremony of Rededication was conducted by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Bro. W. Ramsay McGhee and the Brethren of Grand Lodge in a most impressive manner to a packed Lodge of Brethren who were in attendance.

Following the close of the Meeting, the Brethren then retired to the Cambuslang Institute and enjoyed an excellent meal and 114 hospitality.

Also present at the dinner was the Provost of South Lanarkshire, Ian McAllan.
On the completion of the usual Masonic Toasts, RWM Bro. Tom Buchanan presented handsome cheques to Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge.

The proceedings were then closed with the singing of Auld Lang Syne and the National Anthem.

Tuesday 5th February 2019 – Lodge Griffin Gartcosh No. 1254 50th Year Diploma Presentation to RWM Bro. Ronnie MacDonald

DPGM Bro. Andrew D. Millar attended the regular meeting of Lodge Griffin Gartcosh No. 1254 to make a presentation of a 50yr Service diploma to RWM Bro. Ronnie MacDonald, they are pictured on the attached photographs with Bro. Ronnie MacDonald’s son, Bro. Fraser MacDonald of WJW of Lodge Kirkhill No. 1230.

Following this very unique occasion they joined the Lodge Griffin Brethren in some Lodge hospitality

DPGM Bro. Andrew D. Millar, RWM Bro. Ronnie MacDonald & RWM Bro. Fraser MacDonald

Tuesday 5th February 2019 – Lodge Old Monkland St. James No. 177 – Talk on Worthy Brother Peter Marshall Chaplain to the US Senate

PGM Bro. Bill Perry attended Lodge Old Monkland St. James No. 177 and was welcomed by Bro. Ian Grant RWM.

The PGM witnessed a very interesting and informative lecture presented by Bro. Robert McGhee PM, on Bro. Peter Marshall who joined the Lodge in 1926 before emigrating to the USA, where he joined the Ministry and eventually became the Chaplain to the US Senate.
The lecture was warmly received by the Brethren and at its conclusion, Bro. Mitchell Paterson PM gave a vote of thanks for a most enjoyable evening and congratulated Bro. McGhee on his research into the life of a worthy Brother from Coatbridge.

RWM Bro .Ian Grant, PM Bro. Robert McGhee & PGM Bro. Bill Perry

Friday 1st February 2019 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West Installation of Elected Office Bearers

On Friday 1st February, PGM Bro. Bill Perry, together with IPPGM Bro. Tom Davidson and PPGM Bro. George Kelly attended the Communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West to witness the Installation of the Elected Office Bearers. The PGM of Renfrewshire West, Bro. Robin McIntyre gave a warm welcome to the Provincial visitations which were headed by Bro. Jim Forrest, the PGM of Dunbartonshire.

PPGM George R. Kelly, PGM Bill Perry & PPGM Tom Davidson

Following a very successful Installation conferred by Bro. John Black DPGM, the Brethren retired to refreshment and enjoyed a wonderful supper and excellent hospitality.

Saturday 26th January 2018 – Annual Installation of Lodge Burns Immortal No. 1730

A large deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge headed by SPGM Bro. Alex Kelly attendees the Installation of RWM Bro. Jack Brown PM, it was delight to see Brother Jack installed in his affiliate Lodge following his recent illness.

He was installed in fine form in his debut as RWIM Bro. Ian H Duncan, with the office Bearers installed in equally fine form by RWIM David W. McMorris PM.

Following the ceremony the Brethern joined in the meal and toast followed by the customary Burn Supper, where the Brethern were entertained to the highest level.

SPGM Alex Kelly, RWIM Ian Duncan, RWM Jack Brown, RWIM David McMorris & PPGM George Kelly

Monday 21st January 2019 – Junior Provincial Grand Chaplain Completion of Word and Worship Training

Following the successful completion of the Word and Worship training course, I am delighted to inform the Brethren that our Junior Provincial Grand Chaplain, Bro. Jim Vasey is now eligible to conduct Services in Uddingston Old Parish Church.

Congratulations to Jim on this wonderful achievement.

A dedicated worker for his Church and I’m sure that the Minister, Rev. Fiona McKibben will use his many talents in the coming months.

We in PGL are also extremely proud to have Jim as a Chaplain and wish him well in this new chapter in his life.

PGM Bill Perry

Saturday 19th January 2019 – Lodge Larchgrove No. 1518 Annual Installation

SPGM Bro Stephen Campbell headed the Provincial Deputation to the Installation of Lodge Larchgrove 1518 where Bro James Hutchison was Installed as RWM by Bro David Brockett PM and Bro Lindsay McLean PM.

In an excellent Ceremonial the Lodge Office Bearers were Installed by PM Bro Sandy Hutchison.

Following the Installation Ceremony the Deputation joined the Brethren of the Lodge at the festive board and harmony.

Saturday 12th January 2019 – Lodge Bothwell Brig No. 1229 Annual Installation

SPGM Bro Alex Kelly headed a large Provincial Deputation accompanied by PPGM Bro George Kelly, SPGM Stephen Campbell, PPG Chaplain Bro. Peter Ball & Provincial Piper Bro. David Stark to the Installation of Lodge Bothwell Brig No. 1229, held in the Masonic Temple, Gardenside Street, Uddingston .

In an excellent Ceremonial  Right Worshipful Master Bro. Gerry Furlong PM was Installed by his son, RWIM Bro. John Furlong with the Officebearers being installed in equally fine form by RWIM Bro. Capt. D.D. Johnston

Following the Installation the Deputation joined the Brethren of the Lodge for a meal, speeches and harmony.

PPGM Bro. George R. Kelly, RWIM Bro. John Furlong, RWM Bro. Gerry Furlong, RWIM Bro. Capt. D. D, Johnston, SPGM Bro. Alex Kelly & PG Piper Bro. David Stark

Friday 11th January 2019 – Her Majesty Acknowledges Milestone Birthday of Bro. John Drummond, Airdrie St. John No. 166

Although not Provincial Grand Lodge Business, this certainly merits communication. On Friday 11th January Bro. John Drummond – Master Mason of Lodge Airdrie St. John 166, celebrated his 100th birthday. To mark the occasion he received a telegram from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Bro. Robert McCormick, RWM of the Lodge, along with Bro. Bob Grant, WSW, and Bro. John Porter delivered birthday congratulations from the members of 166.

Bro. Drummond was delighted with the visit from the Lodge and spoke very fondly of his membership and was still able to give a vivid recount of the many years as a member. At 100 years old, although physically frail, he is very much alert and equally as sharp a wit.

The pictures show his telegram and with The RWM and WSW if the Lodge’.

11th January 2019 – Provincial Grand Lodge Regular Communication 

The Regular Communication of Provincial Grand Lodge was held in the Masonic Temple, Gardenside Street Uddingston. Following the business which seen the Office Bearers and Commitee Members approved for 2019 and Bro. George Carnegy confirmed as the newly elected Vice President of the Board of Stewards, three esteemed Brethren from the Province were presented with their Honorary Grand Rank Certificates and Jewels by their respective Right Worshipful Masters, these were recently announced by the Grand Master Mason at his Installation in November 2018.

The Brethern were are follows –

Brother John M. Clydesdale, Past Master of Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963 – Honorary Assistant Grand Secretary
Brother Steven R. Davis, Past Master of Lodge Livingstone St. Andrew No. 573 – Honorary Assistant Grand Secretary
Brother James MacDonald, Past Master of Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No. 114 – Honorary Assistant Grand Treasurer

Well deserved honours after giving many years of service to their Lodges and the Craft.

Following the meeting the New Year draw was made and many Brethern were lucky in the raffle, Provincial Grand Master Bro. Perry and PGL would once a gain like to thank the RWM and Brethern of Lodge St. Bryde No. 579 for the use of their Temple and hospitality

IPPGM Bro. Tom Davidson, Bro. James MacDonald PM, Bro. Steven R. Davis PM, Bro. James MacDonald PM & Bro. John M. Clydesdale PM