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Provincial Grand Master Andrew D. Millar Christmas Message – 11th December 2023

How wonderful it was to see the Church in Larkhall so full with over 240 Brethren and their families at last night’s Annual Carol Service.
Could I thank all who made the effort to be there and in particular our visitors from out-with the Province.
Once again there was a multitude of brightly coloured gifts so generously donated by all. These gifts have already been distributed to local children’s homes and nurseries. They will make such a difference on Christmas day to those children less fortunate than our own.
That is one day Brethren and the challenge is to continue to try and make a difference in their lives for the other 364 days.
We continue with our efforts to support local Food Banks over the year and I am indebted to all those Brethren who facilitate this initiative.
This year’s Festive Box Scheme is well under way and my grateful thanks to those Lodges who have contributed so far. Once again local primary schools and nurseries will benefit from this initiative
We are maintaining our commitment to Women’s Aid but I have to be honest and say that their lack of engagement with us has been disappointing.
The main focus of our charitable work has once again been CHAS and the continued support of all the Brethren and Lodges in this regard has meant so much to me on a personal level. The fact that Lodges are continuing to support their local charities at the same time has been truly outstanding.
The 2024 Kiltwalk will follow the same format as last year in that it will be a family event on the 3 mile wee Wander. It was such a joyous occasion last year when we came together as a Province. I understand that registration is well under way with excess of 50 Brethren and families taking part so far
From a masonic point of view all Lodges are very active again and the Installations I have attended have been wonderful occasions full of fellowship and excellent ceremonial.
Please continue to engage with myself and my Commission on any matter that you are concerned about – Masonic or otherwise
Thank you again for all your friendship and unfailing support in everything our Province continues to do.
Let us all continue to strive to “Making a Difference”
Very best

Andrew D. Millar


Proud Supporter of CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland), Nominated for 5 year Commission

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