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Festive Message from the Provincial Grand Master Bro. Andrew Duncan Millar

Dear Brethren

I am greatly encouraged that in this “ Installation Season” all lodges have made strenuous efforts to get back to a large degree of normality. The Commissioned Office Bearers

have attended all the scheduled Installations up to now ( with more to come ) and have been made most welcome and the reports I am getting from the Commission have been very satisfying. In particular it is very pleasing to note that the high standard of ritual work in our Province is being maintained In all Lodges

Last night we had our Annual Carol service for all Masonic Orders in Holytown Parish Church where we were made most welcome by the Kirk Session and congregation. A particular note of thanks must go the Reverend Dr Shaw Paterson for a wonderful and thought provoking service and to his son Ross ( the middle one apparently ) for his wonderful music on the church organ to accompany the carols.

When we notified Brethren about the Carol Service I put out a simple request that if those those attending could bring along a small gift for a child , that would make such a difference to those children who unfortunately will have a very different Christmas to the one most of us experience.

Once again Brethren you met the call for charity in such a way that humbled me with you response and generosity. The front of the church was awash with a host of brightly wrapped gifts which was quite overwhelming. Thank you….

The Province continues with its efforts to support local foodbanks over the year and the success of this year’s Festive Box scheme will allow us , over this period , to help out local primary schools and nurseries where the need for help is sometimes not as evident but still essential.

In addition we are maintaining our commitment to Women’s Aid and CHAS.

With regard to CHAS we will shortly be supplying full details of the 2023 Kiltwalk and how to enter. Although this year it is the intention that we involve our children and grandchildren and support them on the 3 mile Wee Wander. I know I can count on you to make this another successful event where we all come together as a Province.

You will no doubt note that this message , in the main ,  focuses on our charitable work and I make no apology for that. Charity is the cornerstone of this wonderful organisation to which we all belong and your support means so much to me but more importantly mean so much more to those in need.

Once again thank you all for your friendship and unfailing support in everything our Province is trying to do

I would simply close with my “usual message” There is much still to be done to assist those in need.

Yours faithfully and fraternally

Andrew D. Millar

Proud Supporter of CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland), Nominated for 5 year Commission