PGL Bowling Section

The Robert King Stewart Bowling Competition

Convener  – Bro. Andrew Crichton, Lodge Robert Burns No. 440



2023 – Victoria Bowling Club Coatbridge

Winners –  Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067

Runners-Up – Robert Burns no. 440B

2022 – Victoria Bowling Club Coatbridge

Winners –  Lodge Heatheryknowe No. 1461
Lead David Crichton, 2nd Robert Totten, Skip Henry McCorkell

Runners-Up – Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No.  1067
Lead George Sexton, 2nd Josh Purves, Skip Ian Wilson

2019 – 2021 cancelled due to COVID Pandemic

2018 –  Wrangholm Hall Bowling Club, New Stevenson

Winners  – The Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203
Lead – Bro. John Gardner, 2nd – Bro. David Truesdale, Skip – Bro. Ross Goldie

Runners-Up – Lodge Robert King Stewart No. 919
Lead – Bro. David MacDonald, 2nd – Bro. Derek Simpson, Skip – Bro. Andy Affleck

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