Holders of Honorary Grand Rank

Honorary Grand Rank is awarded by the Grand Master Mason annually for Brethren that have went above and beyond in the service the the Scottish Craft

(The information can be sorted by Name of recipient, Lodge number or Honorary Grand Rank)

YearName Lodge HonoursYearNameLodgeHonours
1943James Barclay177Grand Bible Bearer1995William MacAdam1636Grand Organist
1943Thomas J. Forfar7Grand Bible Bearer1995Alexander A. Fraser305Grand Senior Deacon
1943A.B. Lang7Grand Bible Bearer1996Arthur Jackson306Grand Almoner
1943John Hall, J.P.114Grand Bible Bearer1996Frank Beetham557Grand Ass Dir of Ceremonies
1943Archibald Ramsay177Grand Bible Bearer1997William Bryson1254Grand Assistant Secretary
1943Thomas Hamilton471Grand Bible Bearer1997John Mathie233Grand Junior Deacon
1943Matthew Davidson557Grand Bible Bearer1998William Orr948Grand Assistant Treasurer
1944Archibald Mutch1067Grand Bible Bearer1998James Wood177Grand Architect
1945William McKean406Grand Senior Deacon1999Walter G.Speirs203Grand Senior Deacon
1945Gavin Blackie305Grand Junior Deacon2000William E. Orr579Grand Junior Deacon
1945John McGhie1254Grand Bible Bearer2000James B. Morton1230Grand Assistant Secretary
1947William B. Paterson305Grand Bible Bearer2001John J. Campbell1096Grand Assistant Treasurer
1947Alexander Walker573Grand Bible Bearer2001David Stark948Grand Piper
1948Henry Davies114Grand Bible Bearer2002James Shanks1067Grand Junior Deacon
1948Thomas Morgan305Grand Marshal2002David G F Steel1229Grand Architect
1949Thomas Peat305Grand Bible Bearer2003Hugh McMath166Grand Bible Bearer
1949William Milligan427Grand Marshal2003William McKenna1499Grand Bible Bearer
1952Robert Crighton1288Grand Bible Bearer2004John McGhie551Grand Junior Deacon
1952George McVie1230Pres of Grand Stewards2004James L. Jack579Grand Senior Deacon
1953Lauchland B. White305Grand Senior Deacon2005William Anderson114Grand Architect
1953James Barclay177Grand Junior Deacon2005David Greenshields1288Grand Jeweller
1954Mungo Tennent215Grand Bible Bearer2005David Lindsay1228Grand Senior Deacon
1954Archibald Clarkson406Grand Marshal2006J.Stewart Wood1722Grand Director of Ceremonies
1955Robert Baillie551Grand Marshal2006Alex Dick7Grand Senior Deacon
1956Richard McLatchie919Grand Marshal2006John Wood1096Grand Senior Deacon
1957Archibald Moffat88 & 1228Grand Architect2007James Galloway1513Grand Marshall
1958Archibald McNeil88Grand Tyler2007Robert Johnston1229Grand Bible Bearer
1959John G. Lees557Grand Architect2007Donald Mathieson1229Grand Senior Deacon
1960William R. Hart166Grand Marshal2008William M Craig1499Grand Senior Deacon
1961Campbell Ferguson551Grand Bible Bearer2008Thomas Lindsay1254Grand Marshall
1962Andrew C. Brown215Grand Marshal2008E. Bruce Wilkie963Grand Inner Guard
1963Ian MacAdam1230Grand Bible Bearer2009Thomas Davidson7Grand Senior Deacon
1964James Priestly166Grand Marshal2009Robert Getty1413Grand Junior Deacon
1965Hugh MacDonald215Grand Bible Bearer2009William Thomson233Grand Bible Bearer
1966James C. Osborne305Grand Architect2010Alexander R Kelly948Grand Junior Deacon
1967John Stead306Grand Bible Bearer2010William A Perry440Grand Junior Deacon
1967John T. MacKinlay1229Grand Marshal2010Angus G Ross114Grand Junior Deacon
1969John K. Smith114Grand Architect2011Peter M Ball668Grand Almoner
1969Robert F. Baird203Grand Architect2011James O Ferguson166Grand Bible Bearer
1969William C. Wilson233Grand Marshal2011Ronald McCarney579Grand Tyler
1970Claude Brownlie233Grand Architect2012James Proctor1230Grand Junior Deacon
1970Robert Copeland919Grand Bible Bearer2012John Alcorn305Grand Bible Bearer
1971William Menzies1067Grand Marshal2012Stewart R McEwan233Grand Junior Deacon
1971Robert B. Isaac427Grand Marshal2012Norman M Carnegy31Grand Librarian
1972James Paterson440Grand Sword-Bearer2013Alexander H Stoddart7Grand Director of Ceremonies
1972James Thomson1288Grand Ass, Dir of Ceremonies2013David W Smillie203Grand Junior Deacon
1973James F. Andreson1230Grand Marshal2013John Hulme544Grand Bard
1974William Cunningham7Grand Marshal2013Andrew D Millar1230Grand Junior Deacon
1974George B. Kirk1413Grand Marshal2013J Alistair Lowe31 & 1461Grand Junior Deacon
1975Robert Black573Grand Marshal2013Eric O Brown233 & 919Grand Junior Deacon
1975William Brown305Grand Marshal2014Gordon G. McCaffer1067Grand Assistant Treasurer
1976John G. Inglis427Grand Architect2014N. Robert S. Ferguson306Grand Bible Bearer
1976James Mauchline31Grand Sword-Bearer2015Stephen Campbell1288Grand Junior Deacon
1977John C. Inglis406Grand Bible Bearer2015William P. Lang544, 668 & 1067Grand Almoner
1977Ernest Robinson440Grand Bible Bearer2015Thomas McCrone1254Grand Ass. Dir of Ceremonies
1978Andrew Mackie919Grand Bible Bearer2016Ian McIndoe88Grand Junior Deacon
1978James H. Ferguson7Grand Bible Bearer2016Maurice Smith1230Grand Organist
1979James L. Home203Grand Sword-Bearer2016Archibald Baillie1231Assistant Grand Secretary
1979James R. Berwick177Grand Marshal2017Willie Miller306Grand Director of Ceremonies
1980Gilbert L. Gourley599Grand Architect2017Jim Dorrocot233Grand Junior Deacon
1980James F. Scott579Grand Bible Bearer2017John McIndoe1229Grand Junior Deacon
1981Robert Brown233Grand Bible Bearer2018John M Clydesdale963Assistant Grand Secretary
1981Thomas Galbraith88Grand Bible Bearer2018Steven R. Davis573Assistant Grand Secretary
1984James McG. Craik7Grand Jeweller2018 James MacDonald114Grand Assistant Treasurer
1984James A. Thomson471Grand Organist2019Alexander Hamilton579Grand Jeweller
1985James Lees557Grand Director of Ceremonies2019William J. D. Cowan427Grand Junior Deacon
1985Thomas Martin166Grand Bible Bearer2019Ean T Brown 599Grand Architect
1986James McNeil1229Grand Bible Bearer2020Ian McGown305Grand Almoner
1986John H.R. Paterson440Grand Director of Ceremonies2020Thomas Orrick Reid88Grand Jeweller
1986Thomas Brown406Grand Bible Bearer2020George Laird Randall1314Grand Assistant Treasurer
1986Thomas Simpson114Grand Bible Bearer2021David McVey Kerr7Grand Assistant Treasuree
1986Andrew Millar1230Grand Bible Bearer2021Robert Dunning Stanfield177Grand Junior Deacon
1987Joseph McGown305Grand Bible Bearer2021Kenneth William Wilson1230Grand Junior Deacon
1987Alexander Torrance31Grand Bard2022James Dunsmore Lees557Grand Junior Deacon
1989Robert C. Brown177Grand Assistant Treasurer2022James Vasey579Grand Chaplain
1989William Lindsay1231Grand Bible Bearer2022Neil Cameron166Grand Assistant Treasurer
1990Sandy Stewart  1314Grand Inner Guard2023William Paton919Grand Assistant Secretary
1990William Donaldson7Grand Ass. Director of Ceremonies2023Stanley Robison305Grand Assistant Secretary
1991John Low544Grand Assistant Secretary2023Colin T. Campbell1067Grand Junior Deacon
1991Joseph Polson579Grand Assistant Treasurer
1992Francis W. Moug114Grand Architect
1992Robert Jack166Grand Assistant Treasurer
1993Alexander Hamilton579Grand Bible Bearer
1993Andrew S .McAlpine579Grand Assistant Secretary
1994James Tait1231Grand Chaplain

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