Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden

This Office is the highest office that can we achieved in Provincial Grand Lodge and can take up to 20 years to attain this high Office

(The information can be sorted by Name of recipient, Lodge number or Honorary Grand Rank)

1866John Dick1992Alan CampbellMajor Ness No. 948
1960William KennedyCambuslang Royal Arch No. 1141993Adam YoungLarchgrove No. 1518
1961George SneddonThe Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 2031994William E. OrrSt. Bryde No. 579
1962James O. PrenticeSt. Mary Coltness No. 311995David LindsayMotherwell Caledonian No. 1288
1963David JackMotherwell Caledonian No. 12881996William J.D. CowanSt. Clair  No. 427
1964David JackMotherwell Caledonian No. 12881997Alexander DickHamilton Kilwinning No. 7
1965Malcolm DowBlantyre Kilwinning No. 5571998Robert GettyGarrowhill  No. 1413
1966William R. HartAirdrie St. John No. 1661999J Stewart WoodOld Monkland St. James No. 177
1967James MoffatSt. John Dalziel No.
2000John WoodMurdostoun Castle No. 1096
1968Alexander MacGregorRobert Burns No. 4402001William InnesThe Duke of Hamilton No. 1636
1969Joseph ParvinSt. John Dalziel No.  4062002John McGhieClydesdale Larkhall No. 551
1970William B. BarrLivingstone St. Andrew No. 5732003Stewart McEwanHamilton No. 233
1971John G. InglisSt. Clair No. 4272004Joseph McGownWoodhall St. John's No. 305
1972Samuel MooreLivingstone Stonefield No. 5992005Gavin StewartRobert Burns No. 440
1973James FancisNew Monkland Montrose No. 882006David SmillieThe Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203
1974James MaxwellRobert King Stewart No. 9192007James MooreBothwell Brig  No. 1229
1975Peter SmithSt. Bryde No. 5792008Eric O. BrownRobert King Stewart No. 919
1976James McNeilBothwell Brig  No. 12292009Andrew D. MillarKirkhill  No. 1230
1977David LindsaySt. Mary Coltness No. 312010Alistair LoweHeatheryknowe No. 1461
1978Gilbert L. GourleyLivingstone Stonefield No. 5992011Ean T. BrownLivingstone Stonefield No.599
1979William JollySt. John Shotts No. 4712012Alexander HamiltonSt. Bryde No. 579
1980William JoyceMotherwell Caledonian No. 12882013Robert StanfieldOld Monkland St. James No. 177
1981John H. PatersonRobert Burns No. 4402014William R. StirlingMotherwell Caledonian No. 1288
1982James StevensonBuchanan No. 14992015Thomas JohnstonLivingstone St. Andrew No. 573
1983David G.F. SteelBothwell Brig  No. 12292016James LeesBlantyre Kilwinning No. 557
1984Alex A. FraserWoodhall St. John's No. 3052017John BrownBurns Immortal No. 1730
1985John MathieHamilton No. 2332018William P. LangSt. Andrews (Military) No. 668
1986Walter BlowerMotherwell Caledonian No. 12882019Allan JamiesonWoodhall St. John's No. 305
1987David DunnSt. Thomas Larkhall No. 3062020Derek DouglasMurdostoun Castle No. 1096
1988George LeggateBlantyre Kilwinning No. 5572021Derek Douglas (COVID-19)Murdostoun Castle No. 1096
1989Walter G. SpiersThe Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 2032022Stuart McNivenSt. Andrew No. 215
1990James ShanksColtswood Glenboig No. 1067
1991Kenneth D. KennedyRobert King Stewart No. 919

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