PGL Middle Ward Lodges – Meeting Schedules

New Functionality! – Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward Meetings

Please see below the interactive calendar that is updated actively from all the Province Lodge Secretaries r appointed persons. This calendar enables a single view in Week, Month, Agenda (default) view and contains information such as Meeting format, tyle times, locations and so on. If you select the event it will give you more details of the event, this can also be printed for reference. Please always check with the Lodge Secretary if in any doubt of the information before travel. This calendar is the responsibility of the individual Lodges to maintain and Provincial Grand Lodge cannot be held responsible for ay misinformation.

To have your meetings or special events added to this calendar within the Province please get in touch with your Lodge Secretary or appointed person. For any technical queries or support regarding this function please contact the social media team by email –  Colin Campbell SPGM –  [email protected] of Jim Lees PG DoC –  [email protected]

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