Provincial Grand Committee 2017

The Provincial Grand Master, Past Provincial Grand Masters, Commissioned Office Bearers, Past Provincial Grand Senior Wardens, Elected Office Bearers (except Tyler), and all ex-Officiis and elected members as under noted

Lodge Number

7          Ian Gordon P.M.
31        George Carnegy P.M.
177      Gordon Currie P.M.
233      William Thomson, P.M.
427      James Durnion, P.M.
471      John Alexander P.M.
544      Alex Maitland P.M.
551      Thomas Bryce, P.M.
557      Gordon Mather P.M.
573      Gordon McAlpine P.M.
579      Robert Edgar, P.M.
599      Ronald Brown P.M.
919      Jamie Paterson, P.M.
948      Colin D.Stark  P.M.
1228    John Calderwood, P.M.
1230    George Campbell P.M.
1231    Maxwell Baillie P.M.
1228    Calum Stewart P.M
1413    James Alston P.M.
1461    Alex Miller P.M.
1513    Samual S. Howie P.M.
1518    David Brockett P.M
1722    John Gardner, P.M.
1779    Vacant.

Additional Members

William Spencer P.M. (114)
John A. Anderson PM (233)
Colin T. Campbell PM (1067) 

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